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Advice, counselling and support

• Full antenatal care - Shared care

• Obstetrics Ultrasound (3D & 4D scans)

• Normal and high risk pregnancy

• Vaginal birth after Caesarian Section (VBAC)

• IVF Pregnancies

• Multiple pregnancies

Obstetrician in Gosford on the Central Coast

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Early Preganancy Assessment Clinic

Our Specialised Early Pregnancy Clinic (EPAC) deals specifically with problems in early pregnancy (less than 20 weeks).
Our team consists of Obstetrician, Midwife and Sonographer. Women requiring an EPAC appointment will be seens as soon as possible. An appointment consists of full assessment and a review of symptoms, physical examination, blood test and ultrasound scan. An EPAC appointment is available by  appointment. A referral by a GP is essential and appointments are to made by GP direct.